In this recent economy of falling home values and an unstable housing market, it pays to reassess your home and keep it at its highest value.  This not only benefits you, the homeowner, but the future of your home – potential buyers down the line.  Here are some easy tips to implement and enjoy!

Closets , Closets, Closets– The More the Better

At the top of ALL buyers’ lists is always storage.   The more you can provide, the more value you add to your home. A shelf with a rod is not a practical closet in today’s market.  Just like a custom kitchen, a custom closet is a must.   Closets need to be fully functioning and hold many belongings.  Storage is one of the easiest and often overlooked suggestions.  Nooks and crannies, laundry rooms and built-ins all add additional storage.  But designer closets with varying shelf heights, pull-down rods, and accessory drawers give your home an advantage. You add additional space to your footprint that is organized and efficient.

The Fully Usable Garage

Again, you can add additional storage space to your home by having a versatile garage. Not only is it a place to park your cars, but you have installed a garage organizational system that takes advantage of all vertical storage and space.  Lots of items for camping, home décor, tools, etc. can be stored easily and accessibly.  Your home value is steadily increasing!

The Master Bedroom feels like a retreat!

Your master bedroom needs to be relaxing, neat, calming with recessed lighting with dimmers, a wardrobe wall for unsightly clothes, shoes, etc., and wall sconces to provide ambiance. When the Master has a high value in appeal then the value of your home increases!

Kitchen Cabinetry makes the look.

When you walk into the kitchen, the first thing you notice is the cabinets.  Cabinetry is at the top of the percentage of kitchen costs, but also shows the most return.  Opt for wood over laminate surfaces and add custom features like crown molding, wine racks, organizer shelves and drawers.  Little touches can go a long way!


Wow!  That’s it – four easy ways to make you home look like a million dollars! YOU will benefit now with the additional space and storage and you will benefit later in the additional value that you have given to your home.  It will sell easier and more profitably - a win-win situation! So what are you waiting for – call Texas Custom Closets for all your home value needs. 

Support your local small businesses!

Today, a closet’s custom mill work and visual finishes are as sophisticated as any high-end kitchen, bath or even retail store.  However, in new home construction, if you don't say anything to a contractor, you'll get a basic "pole and shelf" setup:  a single pole with a fixed shelf above it. You will get the same closet as in your typical track home. This track home closet is built by a trim carpenter that gets paid by the square foot of the house. The closet is his lowest priority.  An upgraded closet for a builder is two poles where your clothes will be dragging the ground. Then it's up to YOU to customize the closet interior. Typically built and painted on-site, this is the way it’s always been done since the 1930’s and builders are reluctant to change.  But again – if you tell your builder up front- that you want more than a pole and a shelf – It will cost you less! Your builder would not have to buy the material for the closet or pay the trim carpenter and painter, thus making a custom-designed closet from Texas Custom Closets competitively priced.  You get a closet suited to YOUR needs - for YOUR wardrobe and accessories – not just a standard pole and a shelf.  NOW you have a complete custom home customized to your needs!
Tell Your Builder!  We have a builder program: The Builder Program: Texas Custom Closets cooperates with home builders and contractors by being the storage and organization solution for your clients.  We create a turnkey program to simply allow you – the builder – to sit back while we meet with your clients, discuss their storage needs and recommend enhancements to their closets, pantry, home office, laundry room, garage or basement. 

We make it easy for your clients and YOU!  We’ll help by furnishing your model homes with custom closet and pantry systems to create a stronger WOW factor!  We’ll even meet with buyers at their homes and offer them a complimentary consultation. A win-win situation!

If you are considering a new home in the Hill Country area, ask your custom home builder to upgrade your builder-grade closet to a new Master Closet. Contact Texas Custom Closets, YOUR local closet company, for all your closet needs!

It’s easier than you think.
Form and Functionality in a Closet

 Do you get great satisfaction from having a clean, organized space?  Is your closet designed to suit your life and style?  Is there balance between your organized life and your home life?  It always seems that this space where we begin and end each day, is so often overlooked.  The design of your closet and how well it works for your needs, can impact the course of your day.  Does your closet space function well…starting you off on the right foot each morning? Or, is it a source of frustration as you find yourself running late searching for the mate to your favorite pair of shoes?  You need to organize your life with a new closet system to give your life balance. This will not only improve your psyche, but will also give you a sense of pride and confidence.  

You need to take back your life – one closet at a time!
When you are out house hunting for your second or third home, closet space seems to garner a lot more attention.  Families grow, careers change, we pick up new hobbies and accumulate stuff…lots of stuff.  All these changes tend to create the need for additional closet space or a better design of the closet space we already have.   The benefits of a well-organized custom closet over a cluttered closet can be dramatic.  Custom closets, for one thing, help you to get the most out of your wardrobe.  On average, people wear just 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, largely because their mismanaged closet hides their options.  A custom built closet will display your shoes, clothes and accessories in perfect order so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.  Closets are a terrific place to start decluttering your life.  Make them more organized and you will find things getting simpler all throughout your home. When it comes to closet organization, many Americans live a life of wrinkled clothes, lost socks and underwear and missing items that are probably in the closet – somewhere. This kind of organization ( or rather, disorganization) adds nothing but frustration to your life. On top of this frustration, it simply takes more time to be organized – leaving you with less time to do the things you want, like spend time with your friends and family or working on a hobby.

Organize your closet = Organize your life.  It’s easier than you think. You can maximize your home’s space and functionality in ways you always dreamed of, but thought impossible.   The functionality of a modern closet in today’s homes with limited space is immensely increased by a custom design that not only saves space but creates a nice addition to the surrounding space. Placing a closet on the wall implies direct savings on floor space and ensures that the users do not have to bend or stoop to open and use the closets.   With one of our closet systems, you will be able to organize and store all of the following items so that you have them easily accessible when you need them and out of the way when you don’t:

  • Shoes  - individual cubbies or shoe shelves keep your footwear collection tidy.

  • Suits – extra hanging space and convenient valet rods keep suits organized and looking great.

  • Seasonal Clothing – with the use of pull-down rods, you can keep seldom – worn clothing out of the way.

  • Numerous accessories – tie racks, belt racks, handbag shelving, and jewelry drawers are fabulous features to add to your custom closet design.

Beyond feeling good, your custom closet organizational design can:

  • Bring luxury and style to your closet.

  • Give you complete access to everything in your closet – no more digging for lost items.

  • Free up space in your closet, allowing you to put more items into your closet and make the most efficient use of your space.

Our closets are designed to bring together all of a closet’s key features into a union of form and function.  Reach-in closets can provide flexible and effective storage.  We can increase your hanging area, customize shelves, and add places for all of your shoes and accessories.  We tailor our closets to each client’s individual needs and lifestyle.  We are detail-oriented and experienced in working out space challenges. 

  • Do you collect designer handbags?  Give each one their own shelf where they’ll stay free from harm, while creating a nice display.

  • Plan for enough rod length. The rule of thumb when planning your closet is at least 48” of rod length per person.

  • Maximize your vertical space.  You can fit two rods in your 48” long allotted space by allowing 45” for hanging pants and shirts.  

  • Include a mirror.  A full-length mirror is very important to seeing how the outfit comes together.

At Texas Custom Closets, we do custom construction and installation of extra garage storage, extra storage space in home offices, wall units/entertainment centers, closet systems and organizers.  The best way to learn about our professional closet design is to contact us and see for yourself how we can take you from disorganized closets to having more space for your things and more time for the people you love.    

You need to take back your life – one closet at a time!  CALL US TODAY!