As we contemplate our home improvement/organizational plans, we come across thousands of articles, blogs, books, etc. to offer us advice.  But sometimes we just want to "look", thus the power of pinterest.  We spend hours just "browsing" and pinning the pictures that we like the best on our wall. Here are a few pictures to peruse as you walk on your path to home organizational bliss.  A picture is worth a thousand words.....

  • A Wardrobe Wall can be an organizational necessity depending on your space issues. It gives a “finished” look to your bedroom, utilizing your space effectively.
Custom closets and cabinets help with organization and a neat appearance. They give your home that “custom” look!
Shelving and more shelving gives you a closet that expands with your wardrobe.
Added touches like a spiral clothes hanger or a Lazy shoe-zen add “bling” to your organizational endeavors.
Organized spices and new cabinets give your kitchen a homey and welcoming touch.
Custom shelving and drawers gives a pantry a finished, complete look and makes for easy accessibility of products.
A Murphy bed folds down for those happy guests and gives comfort AND space.
Overhead storage in the garage is a must for those seasonal items – camping, Christmas decorations, etc
New cabinets and awesome lighting add to the attractiveness of any kitchen.
Now that your picture walk is complete - Give Texas Custom Closets a call to help with ALL your organizational needs - from closets, to kitchens, to pantries, to garages, etc.  Our state of the art manufacturing plant in New Braunfels is big enough to meet all your needs and small enough to give you that personal touch.  Call us today for a free estimate!
In the Living Room

Custom cabinets can give your room a boost in function by having specific storage duties.  Cabinets can provide space for serving pieces, glassware and china as well as table linens and tablecloths.  Shelving can display mementos and artwork.  Cabinets can create built-in niches that offer hideaway space for personal items.  Everyone needs space to stash AND show-off their possessions.  A hidden compartment for blankets and pillows gives your room functionality and form.  Built-in drawers can keep remote controls, take-out menus and extra batteries close at hand.  A built-in armoire can house your stereo and media equipment.

In the Kitchen

Custom cabinets
can give you lots of savvy new storage and expand your kitchen.  Storage enhancements hide behind closed doors, such as convenient slide-out trays in lower cabinets and a recycling center tucked under the counter.   Open shelves can house cookbooks and /or wine bottles and glassware.  Closed storage can hold linens, liquor and barware.  Less stress, better results.  That’s what you get when you plan kitchen storage to save steps and maximize efficiency.

In the Bedroom

With a little strategic thinking, you can restore order in your bedroom leaving you calm and ready to face the day.   Careful planning and custom cabinetry can optimize every square foot.  Built-in wardrobes featuring hanging rods, hooks, cedar-lined drawers, pull-out bins, etc. can add function without taking up too much space.  Pull-down rods, interior drawers and organizers optimize outfits.  A strategic closet layout balances open shelving, hanging space and closed storage.
In the Laundry Room

Custom cabinets can conceal a bevy of utility room extras including cleaning products, sewing supplies, recycling containers, etc.  Find storage space you didn’t know you had by using slivers of space creatively.  It is to your advantage to have built-ins – a cabinet with open shelving on top for display items and closed shelving below for stuff you don’t want others to see.  You can create that extra level of practical storage and display space in every room.
An organized storage system is a must to help organize our lives and the things around us.  Call Texas Custom Closets today for all your storage solutions.   We can double  your closet storage and maximize  your cabinet space!