I recently toured some lovely custom homes on the Austin ATX Tour of Homes.  These homes were priced up to the millions and looked it!  The grandeur - at least four bedrooms, an oversized chef's kitchen with commercial appliances, vaulted or barrel ceilings, durango doors, etc. With the million dollar house, the dollars are in the details.  It's those little extras that mount up...and up...and up.  Scott Bates of Ceci-Bates Homes explained, "Using cast iron on the exterior or interior, using high end finishing and trim, a lot of trim detail, special finishes on the walls, such as textured walls that are done by hand by an artisan, all of these things add to the cost."  These homes boast custom cabinetry, top of the line sinks and faucets, custom showers and tubs with an air bubble massage feature (the Jacuzzi is passe'!) Basically, from top to bottom, the million dollar house is a step, or two or three or even more, above the place most folks hang their hat and call home EXCEPT FOR THEIR CLOSETS!
NOT a custom closet!

I couldn't believe that this detail was overlooked in most million dollar homes.  The closets were shoddy with just poles and shelves - some of which were unreachable and inaccessable.  Even the workmanship in the closets were bad with unfinished edges and a poor design.  Custom Home Builders need to take heed! Custom Closets are NOT a trend but a NECESSITY!  They improve the efficiency of space and can range from simple and structured, to lavish and luxurious.  A custom closet improves the aesthetic appeal of the closet which allows the homeowner to see it and treat it as another room in the home, rather than just cramped space.  Realtors believe that by adding more usable space, it will increase the home's resale value. 
THIS is more like it!

A custom home should NOT have an outdated closet.  It should have a closet that reflects the decor and color scheme that is present in the larger room surrounding it.  It should include pullout drawers to store folded clothes, shoe racks or shelves and tiered hanging bars for clothing.  Mirror and specialty lighting can be incorporated to make the space more inviting and user-friendly. 
Adding the DETAILS!      

If a custom home is all about the details, then buyers need to check out the closets and make sure that they aren't an afterthought.  They should be detailed oriented as well and not look like those in a track home!  That would be a huge disappointment for the home buyer.

     According to a recent article written by real estate expert, Brendan De Simone for Forbes, custom closets now top the list of essentials for new home buyers.  So, custom home builders please listen to your consumers and don't forget the details of the closet.  In today's day and age, custom closets are a necessity, not a luxury.
Ahhh! Pinterest!   It has consumed our lives! It is an addicting past-time and we love it! But why?  What is the allure? First and foremost, Pinterest has captured the idea that a picture says a thousand words.  Images are powerful – they give us information and evoke emotion. They can be a motivational source.  You can literally get lost in the experience! The Pinterest’s idea boards give you a palette on which to create your art- disparate ideas coming together to create something new. Neuroscientists have shown that visualization can be a powerful tool in helping to create your future. So, this brainless browsing may lead to something productive! 

With so many amazing ideas and beautiful imagery it is hard to NOT be inspired.  We are hard-wired to process visuals 60,000 times faster than we are able to process text.  This is great for organization and for developing a sense of your personal view of “the good life”.  Pinterest is “future – based” – it gives you a sense of expanding beyond your present state and an awareness and direction for your future.  It is a visual hook!

Pinterest is a great place to organize what you would do, what you would buy if you could…..So enough “said” – let's have a “Pinterest” experience to help inspire you to GET ORGANIZED – in your home, office, garage, pantry, kitchen, closets….Browse, see, sense, enjoy and then call Texas Custom Closets to make your dream a reality. We can “tone” down the images and make them available and affordable.  Your dreams can come true!

In every room of your house, there is always a better way to maximize the space.  For some areas, it may be as simple as decluttering or throwing away unneeded items. You may wonder where space is hiding in your home.  It can be in your walls- think about creating a niche for shelves or cabinets.  It can be over your washer/dryer, or under your stairs. It can be a blank wall that is crying for built-ins. It can be high near the ceiling, or that small corner in your kitchen.  Here are 10 things you can’t live without if you want to optimize space in your home-

  • An Uncluttered Environment:  Before you get obsessed about how much space you don’t have, first determine how much usable space you do have. Go through each cabinet, drawer, shelf, and pantry area and pull out old items, throw away broken small appliances, and reduce your storage area to only used and needed items. Purging will help you start fresh in your organization and will help you maximize your space efficiently. Do this throughout your home in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and utility areas.

  • Organized Closets:  Storage closets must be organized to utilize all vertical space efficiently.  The more you can store in your closets, the less that has to be stored in  the main area of your home.

    Wall Storage:  One strategy that can be done to optimize storage space is a cabinet in the wall with full height from floor to ceiling. With this vertical approach, the use of space will have more leverage. Also, use open and closed shelving to remove bookshelves, and storage furniture units off of the floor and on to the walls. Take full advantage of wall space when you have a small area to work with. Install hooks for hanging jackets and coats, and shelving or cubbies to hold baskets for dog leashes, wet backpacks, and storing your umbrella. Another option is the wardrobe wall – a custom  built-in wardrobe.

    A Murphy Bed: These beds pull out from the wall and provide full floor access when the bed is hidden in the wall.  Modern Murphy beds, when closed inside the wall, can house a foldout desk on the other side.
    tilization of ALL Space:  Have a hall closet that stores winter coats?  Take seasonal and seldom worn formal wear and put in a hall closet. Hall closets are a great option because they are rarely used and opened on a regular basis.  Awkward nooks and crannies in a home are an opportunity to customize space to your particular needs. You can make a cramped corner into a cozy reading nook, an office desk or a decorative display. Depending on the elements of the space, you can maximize it for anything from privacy to storage or just some additional interest in your home.

    A Functional Entryway:  Paint your entryway a bold color.  It conveys a sense of who you are and what you like – first impression.  Mudrooms don’t have to be a “room”. It can be an area that you designate for your outdoor gear. It’s also a good place to put keys, wallets, and purses that you always forget running late to work in the morning!

    Maximized Kitchen Space:  If you are struggling to find more space in your small kitchen, look up, hanging storage may be your solution. From hanging pot racks and stemware racks to modern shelving suspended from cable, hanging storage takes advantage of space that would normally be left open.  Hanging storage also helps you have easy access to pots and pans, at a moment’s reach.

    Great Lighting:  Use enough light in your kitchen for it to be seen.  It will help your kitchen to look wider.  Lack of light makes the kitchen seem cramped.  The best way is to add windows.  The bright kitchen will be more comfortable and healthy. Pendant or hanging lighting helps a ceiling seem lower, while uplighting heightens the feel of a ceiling. Use accent lighting for art, as well as lamp lighting to add warmth to a dark, narrow or small area.

    Optimization of the Area Under the Stairs:  We often neglect the existence of the area under the stairs. This area usually isn’t large, so we should optimize it in order for it to be functional. By making a custom cabinet adapted to the area, you will get additional storage.
    Storage Accessories:  One way you can optimize space is with storage accessories. By utilizing accessories throughout your home you are able to free up additional space you didn’t know you had.   For closets, dressing room and laundry rooms utilize accommodating cabinetry options such as pull-out basket units, fold-out ironing boards, custom drawer separators and hooks for additional storage. Not only will adding accessories to your storage solutions help you optimize space, it will make your storage even more customized.