In this recent economy of falling home values and an unstable housing market, it pays to reassess your home and keep it at its highest value.  This not only benefits you, the homeowner, but the future of your home – potential buyers down the line.  Here are some easy tips to implement and enjoy!

Closets , Closets, Closets– The More the Better

At the top of ALL buyers’ lists is always storage.   The more you can provide, the more value you add to your home. A shelf with a rod is not a practical closet in today’s market.  Just like a custom kitchen, a custom closet is a must.   Closets need to be fully functioning and hold many belongings.  Storage is one of the easiest and often overlooked suggestions.  Nooks and crannies, laundry rooms and built-ins all add additional storage.  But designer closets with varying shelf heights, pull-down rods, and accessory drawers give your home an advantage. You add additional space to your footprint that is organized and efficient.

The Fully Usable Garage

Again, you can add additional storage space to your home by having a versatile garage. Not only is it a place to park your cars, but you have installed a garage organizational system that takes advantage of all vertical storage and space.  Lots of items for camping, home décor, tools, etc. can be stored easily and accessibly.  Your home value is steadily increasing!

The Master Bedroom feels like a retreat!

Your master bedroom needs to be relaxing, neat, calming with recessed lighting with dimmers, a wardrobe wall for unsightly clothes, shoes, etc., and wall sconces to provide ambiance. When the Master has a high value in appeal then the value of your home increases!

Kitchen Cabinetry makes the look.

When you walk into the kitchen, the first thing you notice is the cabinets.  Cabinetry is at the top of the percentage of kitchen costs, but also shows the most return.  Opt for wood over laminate surfaces and add custom features like crown molding, wine racks, organizer shelves and drawers.  Little touches can go a long way!


Wow!  That’s it – four easy ways to make you home look like a million dollars! YOU will benefit now with the additional space and storage and you will benefit later in the additional value that you have given to your home.  It will sell easier and more profitably - a win-win situation! So what are you waiting for – call Texas Custom Closets for all your home value needs. 

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