Ahhh! Pinterest!   It has consumed our lives! It is an addicting past-time and we love it! But why?  What is the allure? First and foremost, Pinterest has captured the idea that a picture says a thousand words.  Images are powerful – they give us information and evoke emotion. They can be a motivational source.  You can literally get lost in the experience! The Pinterest’s idea boards give you a palette on which to create your art- disparate ideas coming together to create something new. Neuroscientists have shown that visualization can be a powerful tool in helping to create your future. So, this brainless browsing may lead to something productive! 

With so many amazing ideas and beautiful imagery it is hard to NOT be inspired.  We are hard-wired to process visuals 60,000 times faster than we are able to process text.  This is great for organization and for developing a sense of your personal view of “the good life”.  Pinterest is “future – based” – it gives you a sense of expanding beyond your present state and an awareness and direction for your future.  It is a visual hook!

Pinterest is a great place to organize what you would do, what you would buy if you could…..So enough “said” – let's have a “Pinterest” experience to help inspire you to GET ORGANIZED – in your home, office, garage, pantry, kitchen, closets….Browse, see, sense, enjoy and then call Texas Custom Closets to make your dream a reality. We can “tone” down the images and make them available and affordable.  Your dreams can come true!



12/04/2016 11:14pm


05/21/2017 5:21pm

What a neat way to organize your things at home. My mom screams at my sister every time she sees things that are not in their place. We are planning to put some cabinets in some niche of our house to make places to things that are usually displayed everywhere. I am really inspired on how matters can be organized. I can't wait to have my room fix also and put some cabinets for my materials. Thank you for sharing it with us.

12/04/2016 11:17pm

Thank you to pin-interest for sharing us such a beautiful and amazing pictures from all different categories to make us more innovatie and informative.


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