I recently toured some lovely custom homes on the Austin ATX Tour of Homes.  These homes were priced up to the millions and looked it!  The grandeur - at least four bedrooms, an oversized chef's kitchen with commercial appliances, vaulted or barrel ceilings, durango doors, etc. With the million dollar house, the dollars are in the details.  It's those little extras that mount up...and up...and up.  Scott Bates of Ceci-Bates Homes explained, "Using cast iron on the exterior or interior, using high end finishing and trim, a lot of trim detail, special finishes on the walls, such as textured walls that are done by hand by an artisan, all of these things add to the cost."  These homes boast custom cabinetry, top of the line sinks and faucets, custom showers and tubs with an air bubble massage feature (the Jacuzzi is passe'!) Basically, from top to bottom, the million dollar house is a step, or two or three or even more, above the place most folks hang their hat and call home EXCEPT FOR THEIR CLOSETS!
NOT a custom closet!

I couldn't believe that this detail was overlooked in most million dollar homes.  The closets were shoddy with just poles and shelves - some of which were unreachable and inaccessable.  Even the workmanship in the closets were bad with unfinished edges and a poor design.  Custom Home Builders need to take heed! Custom Closets are NOT a trend but a NECESSITY!  They improve the efficiency of space and can range from simple and structured, to lavish and luxurious.  A custom closet improves the aesthetic appeal of the closet which allows the homeowner to see it and treat it as another room in the home, rather than just cramped space.  Realtors believe that by adding more usable space, it will increase the home's resale value. 
THIS is more like it!

A custom home should NOT have an outdated closet.  It should have a closet that reflects the decor and color scheme that is present in the larger room surrounding it.  It should include pullout drawers to store folded clothes, shoe racks or shelves and tiered hanging bars for clothing.  Mirror and specialty lighting can be incorporated to make the space more inviting and user-friendly. 
Adding the DETAILS!      

If a custom home is all about the details, then buyers need to check out the closets and make sure that they aren't an afterthought.  They should be detailed oriented as well and not look like those in a track home!  That would be a huge disappointment for the home buyer.

     According to a recent article written by real estate expert, Brendan De Simone for Forbes, custom closets now top the list of essentials for new home buyers.  So, custom home builders please listen to your consumers and don't forget the details of the closet.  In today's day and age, custom closets are a necessity, not a luxury.


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One of the misconceptions about building a custom closet is its actual value. Everyone knows that they would spend so much money on a custom closet than an actual room. But in reality, there are so many alternative ways for them to achieve their own dream closet with just a simple but creative way of thinking. So, everyone should really learn how to make something out of nothing. This article is very informative and educative at the same time.


Now that you mentioned it, our family was just planning to buy a house ,and we tend to see if the kitchen looks fine, along with the living room and the master bedroom. Now we know that we should also consider the custom closets of the house that we like. I would like it to be as fine as how the other rooms were custom. We became more conscious on what to consider when choosing our home. Thanks for the tip!


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