“In the latest issue of the Houston Press, on stands now, Nicholas L. Hall meticulously examines and enjoys the customized burgers at The Burger Guys. “Take, for example, the Sonoma. A purist's burger, it's the type of classic, straightforward offering that could be easily overlooked on a menu such as this. For all the exotic allure of the other offerings, it's very tough to trump the impeccable put-together-ness of this burger. Everything works exactly as it should, like some sort of golden ratio of burger perfection," he writes about the burger topped with peppery arugula, avocado, bacon and cheddar.”
Gourmet/Custom Burger vs. Simple/Franchise Burger
Like burgers joints, closet companies come in all shapes and sizes.  You have your franchise burger – McDonalds – standard, ordinary, fast-food, lackluster, bland, but with name recognition.  Then, you have your local, REAL burger guys – passionate about their meat and their toppings.  Like in the burger industry, an independent closet company is owned by people who live in the community and are committed to investing in its future.  Local business owners and employees often possess a level of expertise and a passion for the product they sell that is unmatched by employees and managers of national chains.  They tend to have a greater interest in getting to know their customers – who are after all, also their neighbors.  Simply put, local owners take a special pride in their trade.  Buying local from locally–owned and operated independent businesses and not from big box stores, chains and franchises keeps more money circulating in our community.  Franchises move their profits to another state or locality via royalties paid by the franchise to their corporate office.  A marketplace of small local businesses helps to ensure more innovation and competition and lower prices over the long term.
When you are choosing your closet company – consider these factors.  You CAN get a gourmet-type burger from McDonalds or Jack in the Box, but it is an attempt at “gourmet” – not the REAL customized, authentic burger perfection.  A higher- quality, better burger is as diverse and nuanced as a fine wine.  The variations of burger combinations and flavor pairings, creative inspiration and the subconscious delight are what make a true gourmet burger. So, when you are in the market for a custom-designed closet -look at the franchises – what they have to offer, then buy at your local, independent business such as Texas Custom Closets.  You will be glad that you did! A “gourmet, customized” closet suited to YOU will allow you to feel more in control as you can create your combination of “condiments, cheeses, toppings and even buns”. Why go franchise when you can go customized?  Don’t settle for a “McDonald’s” closet when you can get one from ‘The Burger Guys”.  They may not be as well known, but they are owned and operated by people who have a vested interest in the success of your neighborhood.  “At their best, Burger Guys' burgers live in both worlds — the studiousness of sandwich construction, the atavistic thrill of a burger.”  You two can have both worlds – the passionate design of a closet custom designed for you AND an atavistic thrill of a truly organized closet – buy local, buy customized - call Texas Custom Closets today!


10/12/2016 2:27am

I think there is no need to compare them. Custom burgers will always be better.

02/03/2017 12:21am

I don't like such restaurants as McDonalds is. I prefer healthier burgers)

04/17/2017 1:14am

Burgers are a go to meal for many of us and when it comes to burgers fast-food chain is the place for that however the taste is not good. McDonalds, Burger King, and In-and-Out are what folks go to when they want to eat burgers probably because it's cheap and the service is fast. However, gourmet or customized burgers taste better than the franchise burger it has a lot of ingredients that you can really see and taste. The appearance of the burger is also another factor that is easily seen a franchised burger looks as if it's been in a container for the whole while the gourmet burger looks fresh and just cooked. I support my local burger restaurants they may be pricey, but they taste way better and the franchised burgers.


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